Meet Interactive Video-on-Demand

Every year we spend more time watching videos on our mobile devices. In the United States, people spent 42 minutes a day viewing digital video on their mobile device last year, compared to 23 minutes on their computers. As we enter a new era where video is central to mobile content consumption, more and more mobile apps are looking for ways not only to seamlessly incorporate video into their apps but also to enhance the video experience they present their users. 

That’s why we developed Interactive Video-on-Demand, a new feature for streaming recorded videos inside your stories. What makes it special is that you can use different interactive components on different sections of your video. It will enable you to create engaging and participatory video experiences where users directly interact with your content. 

Capabilities of Interactive Video

There is no doubt about the power of video. According to a 2018 survey 85 percent of millennials in the US buy a product or service after watching a video. On the other hand, adding video functionality without worrying about technical difficulties is a challenge. So here are the capabilities of the interactive video:

High quality streaming: We use dedicated CDNs so you won’t be worrying about managing scalability and performance for your videos. Your users will enjoy your videos seamlessly.

Multiple interactions at different sections: You can add different interactions on your videos. Imagine at one part of your video you ask your users about their opinion on a product or topic. Later in that video you’ll be able to direct your users with a call-to-action. This interactive and participatory nature of your videos will greatly enhance the experience of your users.

Short- or long-form videos: We designed interactive video to enable you to deliver easily consumable and engaging videos. So you can either add short or long-form videos depending on the experience that you want to create. It is possible to add videos from 2 minutes to 30 minutes in length.

Storyly Creator App: For simplifying the creation and uploading process of your videos, we now have the Storyly Creator App. You can invite your influencers and/or partners to the app as broadcasters and let them share the video they created with you. Uploaded videos appear on your dashboard.

Deep Linking: Just like your stories, interactive videos have their own deep links as well. So you can easily embed your videos on any related screens and let your users open them from anywhere. 

How Can You Benefit From Interactive Video?

There are many use cases for different verticals. Here are a few examples.

  • If you own a shopping app, you can create discovery-driven experiences in your user’s shopping journeys. You can gather your users’ attention at the discovery level with interactive and shoppable videos. 
  • Influencers trying new products while interacting with users with interactive polls and sliders.
  • Shoppable videos for exclusive collections with limited editions to inspire your users to convert.
  • Product testing or description videos on related product pages that will boost conversions.
  • Content apps can create appealing video content, ask your users’ opinions and gather instant feedback. 
  • An interactive trivia experience with quiz components to drive greater engagement inside your app. 
  • For recipe apps, it’s a great place to show accelerated recipes. 
  • You can build your monetization strategies on interactive videos as well with links outside of your app.
  • At Storyly we have many lifestyle apps building their communities via stories. Likewise, interactive videos will support you in engaging your community. 
  • Short-form tutorials with feedback interactions for DIY platforms. 

How Does It Work?

Just like how you create a new story group, you can also create an interactive video on the dashboard. If you are going to use the Storyly Creator App you first need to invite a broadcaster to the app. Once the broadcaster shares the video with you you will have it on your dashboard.

Then you can start editing it and building your interactive video experience in Storyly Studio.

Once you publish your video it is going to appear with a camera icon indicating that it’s a different format than your stories. When your users tap on the cover they are going to experience mobile-native and interactive video content. We added video-first gestures that are different from stories for a smooth viewing experience. The seek bar includes the sections where there are interactions so that your users will be an active part of your video.

The future belongs to great video storytellers. At Storyly, we aim to provide our customers video-centric capabilities so that they can engage and retain their users with seamless mobile-native experiences. There are countless use cases for interactive video and it’s just the beginning for apps from many different verticals. 

Interactive video is already available for our enterprise plan customers. However, if you are not in the enterprise plan and still want to see the true potential of interactive videos in your app please contact your success manager. We’d be happy to tell you more about it and enable you to create great video experiences for your users.

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