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Visuals & Grouping

Create stories of 7s images or up to 15s videos and organize your content into meaningful story groups.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Add Call-to-Action buttons or swipe-ups to your stories and direct your users to custom in-app or out links.

Social Integrations

Easily import live or highlighted stories from your social media accounts.


Track the performance of your stories with the metrics including impression, reach, CTR and view time; all from one panel.

Direct Deals

Sell your Storyly inventory to your business partners in direct deals and monetize with relevant content.

Why Storyly?

Visualize your content with stories

Create bite-sized structured stories to capture your users’ attention, make the users engage with your app and build interest with a brand new, yet familiar experience.

Track your story performance

Observe key metrics such as view time, CTR, impression, frequency to evaluate the traction level of your stories and optimize your content accordingly.

Boost in-app conversions

Implement CTA buttons on your stories to support your customer journey, grow users completing your core action and improve user engagement.

Perfect for applications just like yours

Storyly is the key to create impressive in-app experiences regardless of your app category.









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Up to 25,000 Monthly Active Users


Dashboard access

Up to 5 story group at a time

Basic statistics

Self service story editor

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All starter features, plus

All statistics

Unlimited stories

Instagram and Youtube import

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Custom pricing

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Premium account management

24/7 technical support

Story customization(story editor, templates etc.)

Multi account

API import stories

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