Why You Actually Should Use Stories In Your App

For quite some time, visual information matters more than any other information or content type. As you know and many of you probably use; billions of users post videos, pictures, stories, live broadcast every month. Moreover, there is an important user behavior dynamic right here. People use social media not only to share something about themselves or take a look at other people’s (friends, celebrities, or influencers) sharings; but also to learn more about brands and their products or services.

The necessity to exist in social media channels and share updates actively are clearly known by brands for a long time. Then, why are we talking about particularly Stories and contents which are using Stories format? The answer is quite simple: Today, people use Stories intensively, and other mobile-native vertical content as well!


Number of daily active Instagram Stories users from October 2016 to January 2019 (in millions)


  • Half of the Instagram users (500 million) have used the Stories feature of Instagram as well in 2019.
  • There are also some more attractive data. %62 of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories. Every month, 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping post.
  • Brands post an average of 2.5 Stories per week.
  • One-third of the most-viewed Stories are from businesses.

That’s more than enough for being on Stories as a brand! 

Source: https://blog.hootsuite.com/instagram-statistics/

Besides, we don’t want to pass behavioral factors over! Of course, this intensive usage of Stories affects the user’s behaviors, the habit of use, and expectations. Let’s talk about the fundamental behavioral reasons which should trigger your brand to be on Stories and your app to have stories right away.

  • Here Users Are

We told that today’s social media user’s habits and behaviors show a tendency to consume short and attractive visual contents. They want to get too much in a tick. Stories give chance to be attractive to brands in a short communication point with many tools like surveys, tests, GIFs, special filters, swipe-up options, music, gamification, etc. Accordingly, they love sharing and watching Stories. If you have proper stories format in your app, it means that you are very close to your users and retention of them.

  • Building Relationship

Brands are becoming more transparent day by day. Actually, it is a requirement rather than a desire; because the information is spreading so fast and transparently. So, if you want to build a strong relationship with your users or potential users, first you have to be always one step ahead of them. You should analyze what they need or what they want to know about you and show them it in a practical and their own way. Don’t forget that the more your audience is familiar with you, the more quickly they’ll establish a connection and they will purchase from you or advocate the brand easily. You can talk about them the benefits of your product or services, awards, acknowledgments, maybe your daily office routines, and your team on Stories.


  • Making Your Brand Stand Out

When you are a consistent content creator on Stories, the platform recognizes it and will surface your content to more followers and also your audience. It will increase your impressions and potential engagements. When you go Live video on Stories, your followers will get a notification at every turn. You will be basically more distinguishable. On top of it, imagine that you have interactive stories in your app, it is an undeniable competitive advantage that differentiates your app from rivals!

  • Giving Inspiration

Stories provide a playground for you! As we mentioned above, especially IG Stories have many features to interact with users enjoyably. You can use these features also in your mobile app and improve special concepts and language to communicate with your audience as well as inspire them. For instance, you can create a campaign on stories to spread by your users and keep them active. Follow the successful brands at this job and get takeaways for your own app.

  • Your Competitors Are Doing It 

The last but not the least, most of your competitors started to do it. They share frequently or rarely; attractive or ordinary but being here means being one step ahead according to ceteris paribus assumption. They might use Stories to launch new products, lifestyle content, ask anything to their customer, share a campaign, etc. in their app as well. If you still don’t use story content to engage your customers, you should start from the right point as soon as possible to compete with your rivals.

In brief, users’ behaviors are evolving rapidly in the mobile world. You should follow the research and observe your audience closely. In light of today’s attitude, Stories are desirable options for impatient and willing to communicate with users. If you are at zero points, you can examine the successful examples to generate your first content. It would be helpful if you follow your mobile marketing plan and specialized it for the use of this channel as well.

Moreover, taking into account all of these user behaviors and tendencies about using stories, just think about having a stories section on your mobile app! It would be a very huge opportunity to increase your mobile app engagement and retention rate. The brilliant team of Storyly is waiting for your questions and requests to increase your app engagement with smart, interactive Stories solutions.

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