What Are In-App Stories? How To Integrate To Your App Easily?

There is an increasing trend of in-app stories for various promotional or advertising purposes on social media mobile platforms. Today, this extension leads to massive improvements. In particular, Instagram stories are visited by more than 500 million users every day. Surprisingly, a third of the content of Instagram stories is commercial. According to experts, if the trend continues like this, the need for story SDKs will increase.


  • What Are In-App Stories & Why You Should Use Them In Your App?

In-app stories play one of the most critical roles in increasing app interaction.

In-app stories are a short storytelling element for your app. It is content that promotes your products or services to your users within the app. These contents are the content of your app created to be displayed to your users. To communicate with your users through your app, you can add the following to your in-app stories; Images, Polls, GIFs, Emojis, and more.


– App Engagement


Your app’s user engagement is one of the essential things for an App. If we take a mobile app as a basis, we can say that app engagement is a set of metrics that track how many users interact with your mobile app. It gives detailed information about how many people use your app according to functionality and user types. Besides, you can learn about how active users are in your mobile app. App engagement can enable you to analyze the performance of apps in terms of long-term App sustainability. It would be best if you had lots of app engagements for your app to be successful. App engagement aims to keep the user interested in your app. To increase your app engagement, you can use app engagement tools and story SDKs. To learn more detailed information about app engagement, check out the blog post.


– App Session


App session; is the time an app user interacts with the app. It records the session to show how much time users spent in an app when the mobile app is opened. For example, session data can be used to determine the average time users spend in an app and the time of day when users are most likely to interact with a particular app. In-app stories will improve your app session.


– App Revenue


Adding interactive and social features to your app, such as live stories interactive stories, is one of the most effective ways to increase app revenue. How many users you interact with affects your conversion rate, which allows you to earn app revenue. Retaining the old customer costs less than acquiring a new customer. If you want to generate app revenue, focus on your existing customers, and focus on engaging with them. You can consider days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas.


– Branding & Creativity


Showing your brand at least once a day during the 24-hour story period increases users’ chance to remember your product on their next visit. To not bore your potential customers, you should produce lots of creative creatives for your branding ads and use them regularly in rotation. Users want to see new designs and messages. You should provide creative branding activities that will keep their interest alive and increase their appeal. Live stories and interactive stories are a rich resource for Branding and Creativity. Stories SDKs will be very useful for you in this regard.


– Targeting


Thanks to the in-app stories, the mobile app can provide user segmentation and be changed by geographic location, demographic factors, interests, etc. You can adjust the target audience settings. Instead of showing an advertisement to all users or followers that exist for your app, you can identify target audiences based on their demographics, geographic location, and other pre-determined relevant criteria. Mobile app targeting is one of the best methods to gather valuable information about mobile app campaigns and target users in a much more specific way. In this way, marketers and advertising professionals will personalize their products and services to users.


  • How To Add Stories To Your App?

Storyly is a story SDK where you can monitor and evaluate your in-app stories’ performance that provides this level of story integration with your app. It can be integrated with recommended engines. Integrate our Storyly SDK into your mobile app to interact with your app’s users and deliver in-app stories. You can check out our step-by-step guide on how to integrate! Find out how to integrate with:


React Native




You can reach detailed information here about creating and editing a story!



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