Types of Mobile Ads and Their Importance

Optimizing mobile ads is one of the best tactics of marketers and publishers. Mobile app ads can help you with many things. There are many types of ads, and most of them primarily increase app engagements and conversions.

1) Importance of Ads for Mobile Apps

If you want to attract users’ attention, you have to take your place on their mobile devices. Mobile ads are the easiest way to reach users. They don’t need to have your app on their device to view ads. That’s why mobile advertising can be so effective. More than 40% of online transactions are done on a mobile device, and more than 90% of users who see this relevant ad are positively affected. You can get help from experts like Storyly to get the best conversion and engagement from mobile ads. Thus, you can use your advertising budgets and investment costs at the most efficient level.

2) How In-App Engagement Improves Mobile Ads Performance

Advertisers can monetize their apps by integrating ad networks into their apps. It’s pretty easy to achieve this with SDK integration. The network collects advertising inventories from the apps it integrates with. In-app interactions increase the visibility of ads and have a positive effect on users. This increases the conversion rate and app engagement.

3) Types of Mobile Ads

There are many mobile app ads. Let’s examine them now.

  • Cross-Promotional Ads

You can use a cross-promotion ad if you have multiple apps. By redirecting users from one app to another app, you can gather both audiences.

  • In-App Ads

In-app ads provide a dynamic user experience. It attracts users with animations and interactive effects. It increases engagement and provides publishers with a better controlled and managed ad.

  • Banner Ads

These rectangular image or text ads are shown at the top or bottom of the screen as part of an app’s UI. They can appear as a standard header or square. In-app banner advertising often includes full-screen banners that take up the entire screen of mobile devices. These ads are affordable, cost-effective, easy to launch, and universally supported.

  • Interstitial Ads

Interstitials are full-screen ads displayed between standard interactions in user experience. Getting the user’s attention with a full-screen ad is also popular. The app developers acknowledge this situation between advertising and user experience.

To protect the user experience, Google’s policies on these ads should not be ignored.

  • Video Ads

Mobile video ads are the type of advertising that provides the best interaction rates. This type provides high engagement, interaction, and conversion.

  • Location-Based Ads

Location-based ads allow advertisers to advertise to target audiences by sending relevant messages to their real-time geographic location.

  • Playable Ads

Playable ads are one of the most commonly used ad types in-game apps. It allows users to interact with a snippet of your mobile app. These ads usually end with a CTA. Previews that are under 60 seconds will be played.

  • Rewarded Video Ads

Award-winning video ads are becoming increasingly popular. A widely used ad type, it can increase app revenue by almost half. With these types of ads, users prefer to watch the ad in exchange for some incentive. It appears on the full-screen. They are so effective that more than half of the users regularly interact with rewarded video ads.

  • Native Ads

Mobile native ads are a type of ad that contains text or video ads influenced by the appearance of content on a website. This type of advertisement is not perceived as direct advertisements by app users, thus increasing user loyalty.

  • Rich Media Ads

It is the type that is served as a mobile banner ad that contains a set of HTML, CSS, JS, and image files. The mobile rich media ad type enables the implementation of creative ideas. In this way, it provides high participation, interaction, and conversion. High-quality graphics, multimedia, etc. It is effortless to achieve this.


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