How Can You Make Ready Your App For Black Friday

Black Friday is a time when online sales are booming as you know. Therefore, your app also must adapt to this marketing environment. We have prepared the following recommendations on preparing your app for Black Friday, which competition is intense and online revenues are peaking. Are you ready to know how can you make ready your app for Black Friday? Let’s start!

Keep Your App Fresh

If you want to increase users’ interest in your mobile app, you must keep your app updated and regularly add rich content.It is an example of keeping up-to-date with the mobile app payment system. Especially for Black Friday, your mobile app payment system should be excellent. In-app purchases are significant for mobile app engagement. Keeping up-to-date and rich in content will increase your site traffic and move you to the top in on-site purchases. 

Get Users A Powerful Reason To Download Your App

Mobile app publishers and marketers should ask themselves, “Do I give users a strong reason to download my mobile app? “. It would be best if you promised users a purpose and a reward for downloading your app. For example, you can offer special discounts to people who download your mobile app for the first time. It would be best to provide various advantages to your customers who log in from your mobile app.

Recommendation programs are also a very effective method to attract users to the app. You can give each of your users a unique promo code and encourage them to share your app. It will bring you new customers, while your user continues to shop from your app. Thus, both the inviting user and the invited user are rewarded.

Make Use Of Push Notification

Mobile push notifications are essential to show that you start Black Friday. Because Black Friday doesn’t withdraw at the same time in every store; moreover, it does not end simultaneously. If you wish, you can continue to sell your products on your app like Black Friday.

It would be best if you didn’t forget to customize the push notifications. You should customize the push notifications as much as possible. For example, you can notify that a discount has started on the product or items your user recently viewed. Or you can send the message that an item in your cart is currently 50% off due to Black Friday.

You can review our blog post titled “7 Push Notification Strategies to Increase App Engagement” to increase and improve push notifications app engagement.

Use Gamification To Increase Retention

When Black Friday is over, your users shouldn’t leave your app either. You should keep your users’ interest alive and add fun gamification features to your app. It would be best if you continued to offer various benefits to your users. You can continue to keep your users in the app by providing gamification features with these advantages. In this way, your app engagement will continue to hold without falling, and your conversion rate will increase.

For more detailed information about Mobile App Engagement and Conversion Rate, you can review the recent blog post published by App Samurai, one of the leading names in the mobile app industry.

Engage Users With Your App Smartly

The Black Friday craze is at a peak in online sales. Therefore, we can say that competition is the most fierce. In this atmosphere, you need appropriate marketing strategies and a knowledgeable team to prepare your Black Friday app. As Storyly, we are ready to assist you if you want a team to reach your target audience, manage your marketing strategy correctly, and know your app’s technical details. Your competitors can get in front of you with the support team to help them. Do not be deprived of these services. Prepare your app for Black Friday with Storyly! What’s more, Storyly 2.0, a brand new way to engage with your users, is now live!

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