10 Tips to Increase Your Mobile App Conversion Rate

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One of the most important issues for mobile apps is to increase the user conversion rate. Only in this way can you earn income or protect your current situation. As Storyly, we will give you 10 tips to increase your free to paid mobile app conversion rate.

User Segmentation

User segmentation is very important. Segment your users and create different strategies for each user. So you will have used a great method to start your campaign. You can group your users according to the risk of loss. Not all users convert in the same way, so you should behave differently and follow a different procedure for each group you allocate. You should choose the system that suits them, keeping in mind the needs of the users, and monitoring their behavior. Customizing your campaign for your users will nearly double the conversion.

Customization on Each Platform

Not every app works on every platform. Be aware that Google Play and Apple App Store are different platforms. Therefore, the design, campaigns, and resources of each app store are different. Different apps are popular on each platform, so competition varies. Google’s and iOS’s preferences are different. Avoid the one-size-fits-all approach and provide customization on every platform. This multi-dimensional approach will increase your mobile app conversion rate.



Having a user in one country does not mean that you will acquire them in another. It is extremely important to do regional marketing by translating your app into the local language of the country. Different messages may need to use different features and different designs. In this context, localization is the process of adapting to different countries and languages. Remember that it is as important to localize your app as it fits the preferences and culture of the regions you want to target. These two aspects are very effective factors in the mobile app conversion rate.



Retargeting is currently considered the best tool of choice for converting users. Retargeting the mobile app is very important. With retargeting, you can reach your users outside of your app. Do not let your users forget your app and remind them why they installed this app in the first place.


Personalized Push Notifications

You can understand your users’ intentions with personalized push notifications. You can then plan a separate strategy for the risk level groups you have created. Sending push notifications that match your intent is a great way to convert your users. Because a push notification that is not suitable for the user’s intention does not attract the attention of the user. Sending a push notification that fits and is relevant to the user’s intent is the most convenient way to attract users. Sending appropriate special offers to the user will reduce the risk of loss and increase user conversion.


Meaningful Ads

Avoid meaningless ads. For someone in the mobile world, it can’t be as annoying as their activity being interrupted by meaningless and annoying ads. Make your ad spend on interesting ads. Focus on channels that interest your users. Analyze them and invest in the types of ads that interest them the most, otherwise, you will spend on advertising to drive your users away. For mobile marketing, try to connect with your users so it will increase the conversion rate.


Adding Interactive & Social Features on App

Add interactions and social features to the app. Small competitions and interactive social features will help you in your strategy. What affects your conversion rate is how many users you interact with. More engagement means a higher conversion rate.. But don’t let the rewards and incentives you offer get in the way of your app.


Avoidance of Repetitive Messages

Repeated messages negatively affect your conversion rate. If users view the same message multiple times, they’ll think that’s all and they’ll exit your app page. Show your users repetitive and engaging messages to encourage them.

More Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and Ratings are free advertising for you. Getting people to review and rate your app is to develop an impressive strategy. You will then be surprised how quickly your app became popular. Making high-value users your ambassadors is one of the best ways to increase your mobile app conversion rate.


Frequent Analyses

After creating a strategy for getting users, observe it. Analyze the data. Analyze frequently and implement strategies and improvements that drive more conversions. It will be in your best interest to target people who use your app and will continue to use it for a long time.


All the tips mentioned above have very important effects on the mobile app conversion rate. With these tips, you will achieve a significant increase in the free to paid app conversion rate.

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