How Tarif Küpü Uses Storyly to Increase Page Views with Tappable Recipes?

Tarif küpü is a food & drink application which has more than 2000 recipes in many different categories with its clear and easy-to-understand explanation and itemized material lists. 

Written and video formatted recipes, shopping lists and recommendations are some of the features of the app. The users can list the recipes’ by category, add them to favorites, share and comment on them. 

The app aims not only to include recipes but also to teach how to cook by its rich material about understanding the logic of cooking, (such as what ingredients or tools to use while cooking, why not to use some of them etc.)




By nature, Tarif Küpü is a content platform, whose main purpose is to increase the time that it’s users spend within the app so that they would consume more content and in return engage and interact with this content via liking, fav’ing, sharing etc. Moreover, Tarif Küpü needs these users to make it a habit of coming to the app, in other words become loyal users. All of this would eventually contribute to the monetization objectives as well, since more session time and retained users would mean more ads being served. 

With all the similar content platforms and apps out there chasing the same goals and facing similar challenges, Tarif Küpü needed something different; a smart and unique twist that would alter the way that it communicates and connects with its users. 

This is where Storyly stepped in!




By bringing the well-known story format to mobile apps, Storyly made it possible for Tarif Küpü to establish a new way of communicating with their users. Since starting to use Storyly, Tarif Küpü has benefited from the various features of Storyly that made it possible for them to tackle the engagement and retention challenges of the app

Being one of the most familiar ways to consume content and being able to use it as a step-by-step tutorial guide for recipes, Story format was a perfect fit for a content app like Tarif Küpü. Storyly helped Tarif Küpü to build interest with a brand new, yet familiar experience. 

Instagram & Youtube content integration was another feature of Storyly which provided content value maximization. By importing highlighted Instagram stories to the app, Tarif Küpü was able to re-use social media content easily and maximize its content value by using ready-made engaging Storyly templates.  

Tarif Küpü has also benefited from the labelling feature of Storyly. Through dynamic labelling, Tarif Küpü was able to show the users exactly what they were interested in, in the Story groups. For instance, if a user were circulating within the pastry section, when that user returned to the home page, the content that the user saw on Storyly was dynamically updated based on that user behavior.  

Interactive stories feature was also of great help to Tarif Küpü. In a nutshell, this feature helped engage the app’s users by asking them questions, conducting polls, rating a product or a countdown for new features/promotions etc. Tarif Küpü added emoji reactions and polls to its story groups to increase engagement and get feedback from the users. 




Addressing the challenges of Tarif Küpü from various angles, the use of Storyly worked brilliantly, and created amazing results contributing heavily to the engagement and retention goals of the app. Below is a summary of these great yields of integrating Storyly, comparing before and after use metrics of Tarif Küpü.   

Dramatic Improvement in D7 Retention Rates: Retention is essential for growth and has a high return on investment which a research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company  showing that enhancing app retention rates by 5% increases profits from 25% to 95%. With Storyly, Day 7 RR has been increased up to %10 in Tarif Küpü.

Double Digit Growth in Session Times and User Engagement: Session time is a critical metric for a content app given that; how much time your user spends in your app directly correlates with how much that user engages & interacts with your content. Keeping this in mind, Storyly provided a double digit increase in session time and on top of that, we have seen an increase in user engagement events up by 15%. These user engagement events refer to the core events in the app such as opening or commenting on a recipe page. 

+30% Increase in Ad Revenue: We observed an increase in page views 15% (recipes, mainpage and listing) meaning that the users spend more time in the app. As the users spend more time in pages, the number of the ads displayed have grown in number, which means more ad impressions and ad activity. This boost in ad activities brought more than 30% increase in ad revenue. 

Experiencing these great results, we are proud to say that Tarif Küpü remains to be an active user and endorser of Storyly, benefiting from every new feature launch immediately.

Would you like to increase your ad revenue as Tarif Küpü did?

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