How Modanisa Improves Product Discovery and Conversion with Storyly


Modanisa is the online fashion and shopping platform for hijab fashion and modest dresses all over the world. Starting its operations in 2011, Modanisa is now an e-commerce giant that is present in 140 countries and available in six different languages. 

To amplify its user experience, Modanisa aims for its users to explore and discover whatever they are looking for without any hassle and wants to increase the time that its users spend in the mobile app. When a user landed on the homepage, there were multiple banners and sliders that s/he can interact with. While establishing the user habits, the Modanisa team wanted to enhance the user experience to better trigger the user action, and display the visuals of products in an eye-catching manner. As the number of monthly active users was constantly growing the main goal of the Modanisa team was to accelerate this adoption process by bringing the familiar experience of stories to the app. Their data also showed that users were not scrolling down to explore the latest products, daily offers, and other in-app marketing campaigns. With more than 120 thousand products available on their virtual shelves, the brand needed a solution to enhance the product discovery experience where they can showcase their products in a more visually attractive manner through a seamless, uninterrupted user journey to ultimately drive greater conversions.

Then, they met Storyly.


#1 An Enhanced Product Discovery Experience With More Content

Modanisa started using Storyly as the extra content layer to deliver its wide product selection as stories. Storyly is the perfect solution with its native and addictive experience of stories to which the global users of Modanisa are highly familiar. With Storyly’s e-commerce focused features, Modanisa users started to explore products easily, without any distractions. Modanisa uses stories for grouping different types of product content including product categories, new arrivals, daily offers, and many more. This organized grouping system via story groups enables the users to navigate easily within different story content without getting lost. As each story group includes many stories, Modanisa is now able to showcase a greater number of products. Before Storyly, pop-ups were the main mode of communication for delivering product highlights. This method did not bring the desired results and required a big development effort to be implemented. Now, stories serve this purpose effortlessly.

Modanisa also leverages video stories to engage its users more and encourage them to view the product pages. Another feature that Modanisa marketers fell in love with is the product tags where users can get a contextual sense of each product and see them as a combination. After that, on the same single story, they can tap the product they love and proceed with adding to the cart and purchase. All these enhanced experiences that Storyly provided have streamlined the purchase funnel for the Modanisa app from discovery to conversion.

#2 Localization Done at Its Best Based on User Geographies and Languages

Given its wide geographic presence with content in different languages, Modanisa localizes its stories by delivering them in specific languages. Modanisa marketers target their users based on their country and language using Storyly’s story labelling feature. Therefore, when a user opens the app she views the content that is relevant to its location in her language. This allows Modanisa to deliver customized content in minutes without requiring any development effort.

#3 Engaged Users and Extended Session Time Through Interactive Stories

Finally, Modanisa marketers use interactive stories to make users feel part of the Modanisa community. They use various interactive stickers to engage users by creating “this or that” polls, asking users’ opinions about fashion, and collecting feedback with emoji sliders. This enables Modanisa marketers to increase the time users spend in the app and make them feel their preferences are taken into account. Users go through different interactive stories and respond to them while still exploring different products. Modanisa aims to get its users to make a habit of visiting the app several times a day and the interactive features of Storyly feed into their curiosity to visit the app multiple times so that they can engage with the content, check out what is new, provide their feedback, give their opinion and feel a part of that community.


Storyly provided the perfect solution to the challenges and brought splendid results. Modanisa embedded stories to the top of the homepage to capture the users’ attention at the utmost level and enhance the product discovery experience. As expected, when compared to the banners and sliders, stories performed a lot better in terms of driving conversion. Users who view stories convert 61% more than those who view only banners. Therefore, Storyly brings incremental conversion to the Modanisa app. This new shopping experience that is substantially different from banners and sliders, enables users to view more products and complete the purchase actions without any distractions. On top of the incremental growth in conversion, Modanisa also achieved its goal of increasing session time. After Modanisa started to use Storyly, the session time has increased by 30% indicating that users spend more time in the app browsing the wide selection of products thanks to the familiar and addictive format of stories!. 

The next chapter for Modanisa will be automating the product stories by using their own product feeds. With a simple setup Modanisa marketers will be able to generate automated product stories with intuitive templates that they can create in Storyly Studio. Plus, Modanisa will bring amazing story experiences to its website as well. So stay tuned for more on Modanisa with Storyly!

Would you like to increase your conversion rate as Modanisa did?

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