How Empik Go Uses Storyly to Activate Its Users

Empik Go is an E-Book app from Poland that offers the largest database of titles, over 40,000 e-books and 4,500 audiobooks. While aiming to be “the platform” for the biggest collection of ebooks and audiobooks, EmpikGo also wants to sustain the customized experiences that it suggests to its users. Already, 255K people enjoy reading and listening to books on Empik Go in a month and the number is growing on a daily basis.


For mobile applications, onboarding & leading your customers to subscription can be a tough job to do. Sometimes your users fail to proceed through the steps they need to take to use your application properly. Also, converting the casual, free users of today, to the subscribed, paid users of tomorrow is a tough goal to achieve for apps working on a subscription based model. Explaining the benefits of subscription via banners or simple text might not be attractive enough. These challenges were no different for Empik Go.  They needed a way to encourage users to subscribe to the app with a compelling content experience. Considering that onboarding is a significant pillar of long-term retention, Empik Go wanted to activate the users at the onboarding process to better retain their users.

Empik Go has a wide range of ebooks and audiobooks, thus, content distribution and consumption is really the key element of the app. However, when it comes to distribution of your content and seasonal offers i.e. monthly list of content, it is hard to reach your user at the very best. Users are so used to the old way of regular content distribution and that causes blindness of acknowledging the most appealing offers and content that they would otherwise engage with while they are using an app.

One other rough goal to achieve is collecting feedback from your users and increasing the users’ engagement with your content. If you can manage to collect valuable feedback and act on it, it’ll certainly make your users feel that they are being heard, and in return they will visit  your app more often and this will increase your session times and engagement metrics.

Enter Storyly, the ultimate solution that can assist EmpikGo with all above challenges.


#1 A Full Screen Canvas to Welcome Your Users

The full screen experience and rich choices of interactive features that Storyly provides, makes the onboarding process easier and familiar for your users. When you are using Storyly with full functionality, you can have call-to-action buttons or swipe ups on your stories. In the Empik Go case, during the onboarding process, they were able to lead their casual users to become paid users by using stories with CTAs. Empik Go also targets their casual users that are not subscribed yet by using the “Labels” feature on Storyly. Empik Go has the ability to communicate its app’s paid benefits without having any distraction using step by step full screen story experience. This enables them to show their onboarding stories to convert casual users to paid ones by giving a certain label to a story group. 

#2 An Addictive Way of Conveying New Content

Empik Go is releasing their best of the month list when the new month begins. With the integration of Storyly, they decided to release and distribute this content of audiobooks and ebooks in the format of stories. The full-screen stories are a great way to release Empik Go’s bulk listings or contents because of the immersive experience it provides, and Empik Go can also track the metrics of each content through the analytics dashboard to see what works well. Stories also have CTAs (buttons and swipe ups) that help Empik Go’s users to instantly go on to the related product’s page. This also contributed to the conversion to subscription.

#3 Customer Empowerment with Interactive Stories

The ease of gathering insights and collecting user feedback through stories was also quite beneficial for Empik Go. They have been using interactive features perfectly and gathering insights from their users while they are also creating a great place for their users to engage with the content.


The solutions to each challenge provided by Storyly fitted perfectly and the results that Empik Go got from Storyly was splendid. Their onboarding story group has an average of 4-5 seconds watch time where a single story’s length is 7 seconds, which is amazing. This enabled Empik Go to activate their users faster and achieve greater long-term engagement.

By showcasing latest audiobooks and products, Empik Go reaches a much wider audience than they do with traditional in-app messaging methods such as banners and carousels. Empik Go’s Top Lipca (Top July) story group had approximately 45 thousand impressions and the stories in that group had an average of 15% CTR.

Empik Go is doing great on using interactive stories like; polls, quizzes etc. and they are engaging with their users with those. Their Top Lipca (Top July) group and Quiz group have great results. On average both groups have a response rate of 35%. Empik Go’s users are both enjoying, interacting and sharing their feelings on their content.

The next on Empik Go’s agenda with Storyly is to benefit from the personalization features that Storyly provides, so stay tuned for more great stories!

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