7 Push Notification Strategies to Increase App Engagement


Push notification strategies and push notification marketing are among the most effective and simplest methods mobile app publishers can use to increase and retain users. In this article, where we will answer the question of how to increase app engagement, the most important point is your target audience. Because using a push notification that concerns your target audience allows you to increase your app engagement.

What Are Push Notifications?


Push notifications are notification alerts and messages that are sent directly to the user’s mobile device to appear on the lock screen. App publishers can send push notifications if the push notifications of the user who downloaded the relevant app are on their mobile device. The push notification marketing technique involves sending messages without having any contact information to reach the relevant user. However, in order to send push notifications, app publishers still need to ask the user for permission. The difference between push notifications and in-app messaging is that the user does not need to log in to your app to receive the message in push notifications.

Every operating system now has a customized push notification service. It is possible to make personalized melodies, text message sending, and additions to the app icon. App users can perform some actions with pop-ups without logging in to the app. This increases user engagement and re-engagement. Push notifications are also one of the most effective and simplest methods to increase in-app conversion rates and lifetime value.

The Best Push Notification Strategies to Increase App Engagement


We reviewed the Best Instant Notification Strategies to Increase App Engagement for you. You will be able to easily increase your app engagement with these strategies.

  • Segmentation and Targeting


Segmentation and targeting are extremely important because sending the same notification to everyone has unintended consequences. Send personalized messages for each user based on their needs. Demonstrate that you have mastered the user’s interests and behave appropriately for their segment. This segmentation may differ from Android push notifications and iOS push notifications. And sending push notification tailored to the user’s device is a great way to target.

  • Personalization


It is also very important that you customize your push notifications. You must personally send push notifications to users. Personalized push notifications allow you to reach the right users at the right time. Customizing personalized push notifications to your target audience, user groups, and user lifecycle is a great way to increase app engagement. You can also customize this personalization as Android push notifications and iOS push notifications. In this way, you can maximize your mobile app engagement.

  • Testing CTA’s and Other Messages


Observe the effects of encouraging users to take a specific action by testing CTA messages and other messages. You can notify your users with a CTA like buy now, but do now; You can also inform them with other messages such as add to the list, 20% discount. Test which message is better for the users and groups you want to reach. It can also be a good way to test in-app messaging and push notifications.

  • Limited-Time Offers

Encourage your users by offering limited time offers. It is clear why push notifications containing such CTA offers are sent to users and represent a clear value for them. It allows you to test the offers you offer to users and the way you reach them.

  • App Update Alerts


App updates alerts mean making your own show.

Show your users how hard you work and how you stay up to date. Report apps and improvements in detail for your users who don’t have automatic updates turned on. Tell them about the advantages of updating.

  • Size Optimization

Adjust the size of your push notifications to a suitable size. Avoid long and boring texts that will take your users a lot of time. If possible, convey your message succinctly with keywords.

  • Timing

Test and find the best time of day to send push notifications. And if possible, customize the timing of these messages as well. Not every message is given at all times. Delivering the right message to the right user at the right time is the key to increasing your mobile app engagement.


We have answered the question of how to increase app engagement with all the push notification strategies mentioned above. Push notifications are one of the easiest and most effective methods to increase your Mobile App engagement. As Storyly, we hope the article we have compiled for you helps. Contact us for more.

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