7 Mobile Marketing Campaign Types To Boost App Retention

These days, we can manage to boost mobile app downloading in various ways. However, this is the time that the real challenge is to stop them from uninstalling your app. Once users uninstall your app, it can be hard to regain their trust and make them install again. To grow your app, you need users to keep coming back, which is “retention rate” in terminology.

Loyal customers are more profitable, and they should be a part of your marketing channel. Customer retention campaigns can be less costly than campaigns for acquiring new customers. Here are 7 mobile marketing campaign types to boost app retention.


  • Awareness Campaign


If users do not know about your apps, how can they engage with your app? Awareness campaigns help you to show your app’s value to your users. Brand awareness drives interest and acquisition. Therefore, it helps you to boost app retention.


  • Onboarding Campaign


Most apps are only used once and are obliged to be uninstalled. Helping users get used to your app is a great strategy to help users engage your app more. You can prove your app’s value with a tour of your app, highlight the key features, or list the benefits. It is essential to deliver value as soon as possible to boost app retention.


  • Transactional Campaign


Transactional campaigns are highly useful in boosting engagement. When you’ve succeeded in awareness, it is time to make a transactional campaign to get the user to convert. For example, you can send a helpful e-mail to confirm and order, and you can state when it will be sending or ready to be picked up. However, you should avoid your campaigns to become overwhelming.


  • Promotional Campaign


Promotional campaigns can be beneficial when it comes to engagement. However, you need to understand your users’ behaviors and interests to offer promotional campaigns. It can help you to understand the promotions that your target audience actually cares about. You can find the best way to provide your promotion by analyzing. You can highlight your promotional campaign with Storyly.


  • Referral Campaign


Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to engage new users. People are influenced more by their friends, family, and influencers. Therefore, they tend to download and engage more the apps are referred to. You can ask your users to refer to your mobile app.


  • Win-back Campaign


Acquiring a new customer would be more expensive than retaining an existing customer. Therefore, win-back campaigns can save apps from facing costly acquisition campaigns for replacing lost users. You need to know why they left in the first place. It will help you to understand your app users and personalize your request for them to come back.


  • Upsell Campaign


If there are free users who are using your app every day, it is your chance to monetize them. Upsell campaigns are effective ways to educate your loyal mobile users on their subscription model options because they’re already showing so much interest in your mobile app.




In summary, you need to boost app retention with the campaigns that appeal to your mobile app. However, you should be careful in order not to overwhelm your app users. After boosting mobile app retention, you can focus on your strategies, increasing conversion rate. To learn more about increasing conversion rate, you can read “10 Tips to Increase Your Mobile App Conversion Rate

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