How StepSetGo Enriches Its Content and Builds Its Community in the App With Storyly


StepSetGo is a fitness reward app that encourages its users to stay fit by allowing them to convert their steps into SSG Coins and spend it in the Bazaar. Users can get products, discounts and services in the Bazaar without spending actual money. StepSetGo is on a mission to make fitness accessible to anyone in India where healthy life awareness is on the rise. Launched in 2019, the StepSetGo app has more than 1 million monthly active users.

Appealing to a wide range of audience, StepSetGo marketers were aware that they needed an effective solution to increase the in-app engagement and to ramp up the way they communicate with their users. The limited mediums for in-app engagement that the marketers of SSG had in their hands were only push notifications and pop-up messages, both of which were mostly intrusive and one-way communication and message delivery. restriction resulted with SSG marketers not being able to understand which type of content works better as they could only use a handful of content to reach their audience. . Seeing the merit in the addictive, mobile-born story format, the SSG team was already thinking about developing an in-house story feature that would assist them with overcoming these challenges. Then magic happened and their path crossed with Storyly! Once they understood the ease of Storyly’s integration, the smooth and seamless user experience it provides and the vast variety of powerful features it offers, they did not hesitate, they dropped the in-house development and proceeded with the integration of Storyly. Since then they’ve never looked back and are delighted with the results!


#1 Delivering content smarter by feeling the pulse of its audience

StepSetGo positioned Storyly as the core channel of communication with its users. Storyly gives the ability to SSG marketers to connect with their users more often with enriched content experiences. As the SSG app is on a mission to make fitness accessible to anyone, hence, its audience is not limited to fitness-savvy people. A wide range of people from different demographics and different levels of know-how use the SSG app. Therefore, the SSG marketers use Storyly to engage their users with different types of content. This content might include an educational video about the health benefits of walking, an influencer content to consume more and more content in mobile native story format,, SSG leverages this experience thanks to Storyly and improves in-app engagement dramatically.

The non-intrusive and mobile native nature of full screen stories makes it possible for the SSG marketers to have an objective view on which content works better with their audience. The limitation of push notifications and pop-up messages when it comes to delibery of multiple messages and their intrusive nature forced the SSG marketers’ hands in terms of keeping the frequency and the richness of the content being delivered narrow. Thanks to Storyly, SSG marketers now have the ability and the flexibility to experiment what type of content their audience finds interesting without the risk of disrupting the user experience.

#2 Improving retention and app stickiness through gamification and community building

Gamification is a popular element that engages users actively while improving retention rates. By using Storyly’s interactive features, SSG marketers create trivia experiences with rewards. They ask questions to their users, conduct quizzes and, in return, give prizes to their users by using the custom parameter feature of Storyly. They track the answers of the users and send this data to the SSG app to give the users SSG coins based on their answers. The gamification experience that they create with Storyly creates a habit for their users to open the app on a day-to-day basis and hence increases app stickiness and user retention.

Besides creating its own content, SSG takes it one step further and uses Storyly as a social layer where stories from the community are shared. Without giving the effort for building complex social features, SSG achieves a hint of sociality by leveraging Storyly to build their community. For example, transformation and steppers of the week stories encourage users to start using the app actively.

#3 Leveraging Storyly impact through Premium Brand Partnerships

As the SSG app has a lot more space to put more content, the team uses this space to monetize their stories with brand partnerships. Monetization with Storyly is a much more engaging ad experience with the vertical video format where users are more likely to take action. This contributes to the success of the sponsored content and improves the revenue that the SSG app earns from these partnerships. Moreover, as the story format is the most consumed format of content on social apps and provides a rich canvas for brands to convey their messages, it is easy for SSG marketers to convince brands to place ads on stories. They gain the ability to reach their potential customers when they are most likely to engage with their content in an app they love. So far, the SSG app monetized its stories with top brands like Amazon Prime and CoinSwitch Kuber. The branded stories included videos as well as interactive components which elevates the ad experience users live. The limitless opportunities that the rich world of Storyly provides for sponsored content certainly contributes to the results as well.


As soon as Storyly went live in the SSG app the users started to engage with stories. The engagement rate of stories is above 45% and CTR of stories where users are guided to Bazaar is around 20% which is much higher than push notifications. Storyly is a perfect solution for the SSG marketers to tell compelling content to their users and guide them to the desired action through call-to-actions. For the brand partnerships where users were directed to the subscription page the CTRs were above 20%. Ad experiences that are created with Storyly performed much better than traditional ad channels as brands could reach users at the right place at the right time with a compelling narrative.

SSG marketers love Storyly and their users love the in-app story experience! We bet new best practices are just around the corner with SSG.

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