Best Free Mobile App Analytics Tools for Developers – Part II


Creating an app is a great achievement, yet it doesn’t stop there. Once you complete it, you need to track who installs your app, how long they use it, how much in-app revenue it is generating, etc. There are thousands of different app analytics metrics to track all these, and you should find the best metrics that suits you well. On this path, finding an app analytics tool that fits your app is as important as these metrics.

In our previous blog post 5 Best Free Mobile App Analytics Tools for Developers, we shared the best app analytics tools to answer this question: “What analytics platforms should I use for my mobile app?”  In this article, we’ll be sharing more free mobile app analytics tools by considering which offer valuable insights, rather than just vanity metrics. Be ready to learn best app analytics tools!


Countly is an open-source, real-time mobile analytics tool that you can host on your own server. Hence, it is very customizable. Its dashboard is relatively easy to use, and you can reach important information such as sessions, events, new users, etc. at a glance or a click.

Price: Free, if self-hosted; Enterprise price is available

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry


Types of app analytics features and information that is trackable:

  • Users and loyalty
  • Sessions and session frequency
  • Countries
  • Devices and app versions
  • Carriers and platforms

On Countly, you can also use segmentation and track events that you define from your app. That means that if you want to track these metrics, you should involve them in your app code.  

We like: Open source and great user interface design.

Not so much: Segmentation from within the app.


Another free mobile app analytics tool is Localytics. Localytics offers a variety of features for mobile marketing. It links marketing and acquisition tools to analytics so that app owners can take action based on data. Localytics also offers push notification capability.

Price: Free plan

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, HTML5


Types of app analytics features and information that is trackable for free version:

  • App usage
  • Reports by location, device, carrier, app version, unique users
  • Heatmaps
  • Screen flows
  • Funnels
  • Segments
  • Cohort-based retention
  • Customer Lifetime Value

We like: Unlimited apps for the free version and cohort-based retention.

Not so much: Expectedly limited data for the free version.



Amplitude provides analytics for both mobile and web. You can use this integration to get a full picture of user behavior. Amplitude focuses on behavioral cohorts and allows you to define the actions of your users. It helps you to find out the attributes of the users who complete desired actions. Amplitude emphasizes this by referencing Facebook. Facebook realized that people who add at least seven friends in their first ten days were more likely to be engaged users. So, Facebook pushed hard to help people add at least seven friends after signing up. 

Price: Free plan

Platforms: iOS, Android, Unity


Types of app analytics features and information that is trackable:

  • Events
  • User activity
  • Funnels
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Behaviors

We like: Although it is only available for the enterprise package, the SQL option to get custom data is available.

Not so much: Pricing jumps from free to $995/month.



UXCam allows you to find out the app issues and then improve the user experience by providing mobile app testing and analytics. You can watch recordings of sessions to identify the problems. This helps you to analyze user behavior. 

Price: Free plan

Platforms: iOS, Android


Types of app analytics features and information that is trackable:

  • Session replay
  • Heatmap
  • Screen flow
  • User journey
  • Funnels

We like: UXCam has a powerful feature suit that can help you understand user behavior. It tracks over 100 billion data point a month and has very good customer support.

Not so much: Free plan is very limited; the core features are included in the paid plans.


Image: Krista Seiden

Firebase is both a mobile and web analytics tool that was acquired in 2014 by Google. Firebase collects everything from user engagement to crash reporting in one center. It is integrated with other Google products such as AdMob and Google Ads.   

Price: Free plan

Platforms: iOS, Android, C++, Unity


Types of app analytics features and information that is trackable:

  • Crashes
  • Adwords
  • Segments
  • Real-time database
  • Deeplinking performance
  • Attribution
  • In-app purchase data
  • Cloud storage

We like: Advanced crash reporting, a secure database, all-in-one product.

Not so much: Limited customization.

Bonus: Game Analytics


Game Analytics is a game-focused, free analytics tool to improve KPIs for the entire portfolio. It helps you analyze, understand, and monetize your players.  

Price: Free

Platforms: Unity, Unreal, iOS, Android, Javascript


Types of app analytics features and information that is trackable:

  • Campaigns
  • Player data
  • Game flow
  • Game progression
  • Level advancement
  • Errors
  • Funnels

We like: Completely free, easy to use, and integrates with many platforms. Covers everything a game app developer needs.

Not so much: Users come across errors too often in SDK integrations.

Although Google Analytics might first come to mind when it comes to mobile app analytics tools, and deservedly so, there are great alternatives. We added Countly, Localytics, Amplitude, UXCam, Firebase, and Game Analytics to our previous tool list. All these free mobile app analytics tools offer at least one free package, so depending on your app’s features and needs, we hope that you will find the best mobile app analytics tool.

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