Tell great stories.

Right in your app and website.


Tell great stories

Right in your app and website

Storyly brings the leading and familiar mobile content experience of stories directly to your app. Engage your users by delivering interactive and personalized stories.
Time to tell
great stories
Trusted by top-tier companies

Enhance your in-app marketing activities

See stories in action

Create your stories either by building them from scratch or simply automating them with your feeds. Customize how your stories look to fit the story experience in your app’s design.

Build two-way interactive experiences. Gather insights by using polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders. Boost conversion rate with CTAs, product tags countdowns.

Deliver relevant stories to the right audiences using your user segments. Build strong relationships with personalized stories.

Gather engagement metrics at the granular level on the analytics dashboard. Bring Storyly events data to your own analytical platform.

Our Lovely Customers

“Storyly is the new way to interact with our users. We use stories mostly to promote new or hidden features and to poll our users, but also to deliver relevant content about our brand. And it works: most of the stories are seen by thousands, and right after, about 50% of the viewers go test the features mentioned!“

Louis Le Bris, Lead Product Manager – Pumpkin App

“Storyly team took the time to understand the complexities of our business; they were hands-on during integration and they’re still a close strategic partner. More and more, we see that the actual brand connection and stickiness happens when we utilize the app space effectively with in-app stories by Storyly to amplify our brand’s story.“

Ali Conker, Head of Communications – Macroonline

“We needed a solution to increase the time our customers spend in the app and notify them regarding our new services in an engaging way. With its interactive features and mobile-native experience, Storyly brought outstanding results on reach & engagement metrics, surpassing any other channel we use.“

Tarlan M., Digital Marketing Expert – Kapital Bank

“Storyly is not only an interesting tool that extends the functions of our application, but also it provides excellent customer care. Storyly helped us significantly increase the retention in the application. It is also a great place to showcase new products and features.“

Agnieszka Zienkowicz, Product Manager – Empik Go

  • Pumpkin App
  • Macroonline
  • Kapital Bank
  • Empik Go
Developer-friendly platform

Storyly SDK is built to make the lives of developers easier. In a few minutes, you will be able to integrate the Storyly SDK.

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  • iOS
  • Android
  • React
  • Flutter

let storylyView = StorylyView()

val storylyView = StorylyView(this)
storylyView.StorylyInit =StorylyInit(STORYLY_INSTANCE_TOKEN)

style={{ width: '100%' , height: 120 }}

androidParam: StorylyParam()
iosParam: StorylyParam()