What Channels Should Be Used for Multi-Channel Marketing

Which of the multi-channel marketing ways is more effective for increasing user engagement? You can come across many channels to the user; which one should you use for what?

Multi-channel marketing enables us to apply marketing steps by reaching customers online and offline.

It is essential to communicate with customers so that they can make the purchase.

Which channel is more important to establish a relationship with the customer, or should you go step by step by applying the media in a different order.

In multi-channel marketing, you must shape your next marketing step with the data collected from the customer.


Email marketing is the leading genre in digital marketing.

This channel, which has a large rate of user engagement, is still highly preferred. When you send emails, you can obtain data on whether the person opened the email and clicked on your site. Email is better to reach adult people because people who don’t use social media use more email. It allows you to use more text and images for your promotion in emails. If the emails are not deleted, they will not disappear. When customers want to reach you later, they can easily find you by looking at the email file. So you will be permanent.


Sending SMS is the shortest way to reach users. User engagement is high in SMS because it will reach them even if they have no internet connection. For people far from technology, SMS is more accurate. Research has proven that people read the SMS sent to their phones in the first minutes. You can offer urgent and limited stock products to the right customers quickly with SMS marketing. SMS marketing is used in conjunction with other marketing channels.


In-App Messages

In-app messages look more natural than push messages. To receive in-app notifications, it is necessary to have an application. Different notes can be shown to the other steps the user follows, thus achieving your marketing purpose. In-app messages seem to be a natural part of the app and encourage users to click more, thus increasing your mobile app engagement.


Social Media 

You can add directly to the bio or add a referral to your story to direct users from your social media accounts to your website. You can attract your website by producing different content according to the different types of followers that make up your social media.

Personalizing your content by seeing the gender distribution and characteristics of the followers on social media accounts will increase user engagement. They can have preliminary information about your products by seeing the opinions of other users about the product on social media channels. By interpreting the data you obtain from social media, you can produce accurate results for your customers.


Push Notifications

Push notifications appear more invasive than in-app messages. It is used in many areas, including web, mobile, and push notifications within the application. Push notifications, which are made more interactive with gamification methods, have a significant mobile app conversion rate.


By reading the data you receive from your customers correctly, you can generate app engagement ideas. You must move different marketing channels step by step together in a plan for increased app engagement. With the impact of the pandemic, people’s buying habits have changed in their daily lives. They cannot go to stores and engage with brands, so new patterns have been added to social media marketing. Therefore, it is crucial for the user to want to interact with brands via mobile apps. Storyly allows you to provide interactive stories that aim your mobile app users to interact with you. For delivering personalized content and boost in-app conversion, contact us for more details.


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