Valentine’s Day Mobile Marketing Strategies to Increase Engagement

Whether February 14th means romance or nothing to you, one thing is for sure that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for your business, no matter what industry you are in. According to Insider Intelligence, over $17.6 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day in 2016 in the US alone. Ranking as the second-highest holiday after Christmas for spending, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to increase revenues.


So, what strategies you can use for Valentine’s Day to engage users and boost business?


–      Target Wisely and Outside the Box

There is no harm in applying a different targeting strategy to your segments to increase engagement. You can and should target married male and female customers. However, you should also target single customers. It might be hard for single people, so why not send love notes, funny and lovely Valentine’s Day messages to your customers? Give your users a reason to check your app on Valentine’s Day.


–      Put a Smile on Faces with Love-Inspiring Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great opportunity to increase engagement. You can add some humor and send love-inspiring push notifications in addition to building usual campaigns. You can send love notes or poems by adding humor to your communication.


–      Get Engaged with Social Media Account

You need to adjust your social media posts according to Valentine’s Day and give love-inspired messages like your push notifications. You can direct your customers to your app with social media posts.


–      Increase In-App Engagement with Storyly

Storyly is a great way to contact your users. You can send Valentine’s Day messages and announce your Valentine’s Day offers via interactive stories. Check how to create interactive stories with Storyly.


–      Don’t Avoid from Valentine’s Day Cliches

There is nothing wrong with going the old way! You need to notify your customers about V-Day offers. If they purchased one item, you might offer a “matching-product” to complete their purchase. Valentine’s Day focused campaigns works better than usual campaigns. So, don’t avoid Valentine’s Day cliches.


In summary, Valentine’s Day can upgrade your app’s engagement with various marketing strategies. Add some love-inspired push notifications and prepare your app for this special event! This will not only please your customers and get a competitive advantage; it will also increase your brand recognition with the help of marketing activities you designed for Valentine’s Day.


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