Mobile App Marketing Tips For Holiday Season

The holiday season should not be underestimated by the companies. As a mobile app marketer, you should compete for more app downloads, engagements, and sales for your company. 


Mobile app marketing requires careful preparation, organization, and strategy for the holiday season. Your app also should adapt to this marketing environment. We have prepared the following recommendations on preparing your app for the holiday season. Is your mobile app ready for Holiday Season? Let’s start!


Main Holidays List to Consider


If your main audience is the US, of course, thanksgiving and the winter holidays come to mind. Black Friday for shopping apps. But you should consider other holiday periods if your business works globally. 


The list of holidays to consider for specific campaigns:

November 11 (11.11): Chinese Singles’ Day and Veterans Day

November 26: Thanksgiving

November 27: Black Friday

November 28: Small Business Saturday

November 30: Cyber Monday

December 1: Giving Tuesday

December 10: Start of Hanukkah (Ending: December 18)

December 14: Green Monday

December 14: Free Shipping Day

December 24: Christmas Eve

December 25: Christmas Day

December 26: Start of Kwanzaa (Ending: January 1)

December 31: New Year’s Eve

January 1: New Year’s Day

February 14: Valentines Day


From the list above, you need to think where the holiday season opportunities lie for your specific app and, you need to prepare your app according to these holidays. If your app is specified on dating and valentines, you should consider Valentines’ Day. However, for some mobile apps like shopping apps, all of the holidays need to be considered.


Start Early

To be prepared in the particular holiday seasons, you need to start early. If your clients began to search for Christmas gift ideas at the end of the summer, you should be prepared before that time. You need to adjust your app and may change some structures accordingly. The banners and contents need to be ready. You can use Storyly to create personalized and customized story contents for your mobile app.


Check Your ASO Before Holidays

App Store Optimization (ASO) can be crucial for your holiday user acquisition strategy. When you make paid advertising activities, it will increase app installs, and bring a healthy stream of organic users and make your user acquisition efforts more profitable. Therefore, you need to check app store optimization and make sure that you put the best foot forward with the best icon, screenshots, and description to help convince users to install your app. If you jump out of app store optimization, your organic app downloads can suffer, although you expect the most organic results to come out. Moreover, your advertisements will be resultless and go waste.

Use Holiday-Themed Push Notifications

Users need to be pushed to take aimed action, especially in the holiday seasons, when there are so many push notifications from different apps and brands. Storyly “countdowns” in the stories can be eye-catching to instigate users to take action for your holiday season announcements, discounts, and reveals. However, it would not be the best to overwhelm your audience because it reacts negatively and decreases your mobile app users.


Use Holiday-Themed Offers & Campaigns

Do not forget thousands of advertisers will be competing for the same pair of eyes. To get users’ attention, we suggest you create a unique icon, an attention-grabbing image, and a video that defines your app and the main benefits of it. Creativity is the key, especially in these seasons. Via Storyly, you can use different sources and feeds to generate your stories for your apps. Storyly allows you to customize your stories via tailor-made coloring, texts, and more features in line with your branding. You can announce special day offers, sales, events, etc. to capture your users’ attention in a user-friendly way.


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