Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies

According to Statista, Valentine’s Day spending in the United States is expected to reach approximately 22 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. With the right marketing strategies, you can capitalize your app on this busy shopping season. Also, the good news is you don’t need to sell Valentine’s Day related products!


In this article, we will share effective last-minute Valentine’s Day marketing strategies.


  • Engage with a Valentine’s Day Promotion

You can create holiday-specific promotions and products to your customers. You can consider offering free shipping, a gift with the purchase, free gift wrapping, and so on to attract buyers. You can support your sale with promotional activities such as promotional emails, social media announcements etc. You can announce your promotional activities via interactive stories on your app! Storyly enables you to highlight your promotions, desired products, and anything you want to show your users on your app in an interactive way. Contact us to learn more about Storyly.


  • Run a Valentine’s Day Sale

There is one way to bring your online store to the front of the competition while millions of consumers shopping gifts online: running a sale! You can offer an attractive discount to drive more sales. You can use sale popups to promote your discount.


  • Offer Gift Guides

The Valentine’s Day make pressure on people who can’t decide on a gift. If you help people to choose a gift for their valentines, you will probably get their trust and have a chance to make sales. You can easily road your audience with gender-based categories or go deeper into personality and interests.


  • Drive Urgency

People shopping gift for Valentine’s Day is already bound by time. If you add a countdown timer, you should use as an advantage to drive urgency. You can use CTAs like “hurry up” or “Get it before Valentine’s Day” to create the urgency feeling.


  • Target Last-Minute Shoppers

Some people may forget the Valentine’s Day or cannot decide their gift and postpone their purchases. You can target them by offering fast delivery. If you are offering gift cards, holidays are perfect for targeting last-minute shoppers.


  • Don’t Forget About Single People

Not all of your consumers will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some may consider it is unnecessary to celebrate and some may be single. However, single people may purchase gift for themselves. You can also wait until February 14 or 15 to serve up to this audience.


To sum up, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to increase in-app engagement and your sales with these Valentine’s Day marketing tips. You can target wisely and create promotions for last-minute shoppers. If you want to learn more about Valentine’s Day mobile marketing tips, you can read “Valentine’s Day Mobile Marketing Strategies to Increase Engagement”.

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