Increase Engagement with Gen Z

While Millennials have been moving towards their 40s, members of the new generation are entering into adulthood. As this generation gains spending power, as an app developer, you should get to know them very well.

Since 2019, 32% of the world’s population (2.47 billion people) belong to Gen Z, to the largest generation. Even This statistic alone is enough to make Gen Z desirable to marketers. Yet, there is more to add to the list of why they are attractive to businesses.

Gen Zers have financial spending and influencing power. In the US, annually, 16-22-year-olds spend $44 billion. And They influence an estimated $600 billion of consumption. As the first true digital natives, they are digitally aligned and mobile-centric. However, this doesn’t mean that it is easy to attract this tech-brainy generation. In a Lucid poll, 44% of marketers think that millennials and Gen Z need different marketing tactics. Product marketers should differentiate their tactics and play their A-games to gain and engage with Gen Zers.

So, which people are we talking about exactly? Gen Z or iGeneration refers to anyone who was born from 1997 onward until 2012. Mark Zuckerberg launched The Facebook, when the oldest members of Gen Z were only 7 years old. When Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone at Macworld, the oldest Gen Zers were 10 years old. Seeing the connected world they were born into, it is fair to say that Gen Z is the most tech-savvy generation.

How has this constant technological atmosphere affected Gen Zers? What makes them different from other generations? They actually carry many similar attributes to their millennial siblings. According to Pew Research Center studies, Gen Zers and Millenials are more open to diversity, equality, nondiscrimination, and different ideas in all means, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, interests, and more than older generations. According to a McKinsey study, they believe that causes and interests create communities, not economic backgrounds or educational levels.

Image: RNZ

Being raised with the presence of Google, gen Zers are experts at online research and comfortable with collecting information. With this huge amount of information they can reach, according to a McKinsey study, they are more realistic about their decision than the members of previous generations. According to Hubspot, while millennials are into spending more on products that would reward them with a positive experience, Gen Z focuses on savings and practical products. Providing them with value in an easy, fast and fun way, in a way they are familiar with would attract Gen Zers.

Gen Zers especially spend a lot of time on the mobile internet. Around 71% of Gen Z teens use mobile devices to watch videos, they watch 2x as many videos on mobile as any other demographic, and 51% use mobile for social media.

98% of Gen Z aged 16+ have a smartphone and on average they received their first when they were 10.

Gen Zers’ top social media apps are Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. They love to consume short video content. Gen Zers respond to visuals. Keep in mind, that a big part of this generation learnt swiping before speaking. So, they know how to consume the visual content such as stories which are the bases of Snapchat and Instagram, and used by many other applications such as Netflix and Youtube, the most popular platforms for video streaming among Gen Zers and other generations. 

Netflix, using stories in Preview section

Spotify has also been testing stories with influencers sharing video clips. In Spotify’s case, stories serve as a tool for music discovery. Using the power of stories in the comfort of its vast consumption is one of the easiest ways to engage with Gen Zers. You don’t need to educate Gen Zers on how to use stories feature and how to engage with the app.

Image: TechCrunch

Another way of connecting with Gen Z is by asking their opinions and letting them set their own rules. They have an interest in interactive content and 55% says they would like to be able to choose the plotline of the film they are streaming. Involving them would increase their engagement.

By having a mobile app, you are already available for the Gen Zers market. With the right strategies, you can grab the attention and admiration of Gen Zers. Most of today’s online platforms are becoming more video and visual driven. You can use them as how Gen Z likes to consume. Whichever type of app you are promoting, you can reach Gen Zers by adding a familiar taste of the stories as a brand new feature.

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