How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand

Instagram has become the new home for brands as the engagement is high, followers are brand-loyal, and real business goals can be achieved.


According to Instagram’s analysis, more than 25 million companies worldwide use Instagram for business, and more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day. However, it is not just the followers you should care about; you should care about your strategies. Here are some strategies to promote your brand on Instagram.



–      Instagrammers are Potential Customers

You don’t have to apply any hard sales pitches for your marketing message. With the right Instagram images, consumers soak up your marketing message. Users turn to social media for references. Instagram helps convert passive shoppers into confident customers, in other words, supporters.


–      Include a Link to Your App

Instagram offers you only one opportunity to directly lead a click over to your website or mobile app. Your bio is the place where your link is clickable under your name and description at the top of your Instagram page. Don’t miss that opportunity; add a link to your targeted landing page.


–      Promote Your Products with Creative and Professional Visuals

Creating a visual aesthetic for your brand is the key for Instagram. Instagram is all about visuals; therefore, it’s crucial to have a recognizable visual identity. The power of product photos has always been essential to online shopping for consumers. Moreover, Instagram’s visual platform takes this to the next level.


–      Offer Promotions to Your Followers

Feed your followers with bonuses, special offers, and insider announcements. In this way, you would give your followers a reason to follow you on Instagram. You can add texts to your visuals in a stylish and visual way to announce sales and discounts.


–      Use Stories to Engage More

According to Instagram, more than 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day. Moreover, a third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are posted by businesses. Stories are great ways to ensure user engagement. With Storyly, you can create interactive stories for your app. It is possible to create live stories to increase app engagement.


 To sum up, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users; therefore, many brands find ways to interact with the Instagram community. We shared some tips to promote your brand on Instagram. Moreover, you can take the story concept to your app with StorylyStoryly is an effective user communication tool for apps. Contact us now.

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