How did in-app stories by Storyly fuel the use of tech among farmers?


ImeceMobil is an agritech platform in Turkey, where agriculture is one of the most productive but least digitized fields. With a vision to be an app that more than 50% of Turkish farmers use actively, ImeceMobil is working hard to reverse this situation by educating the farmers with the right practices, answering their questions, and introducing them to the best tools and products that they can stand a benefit.

Challenge #1: The lack of familiarity with mobile technologies among farmers

ImeceMobil provides farmers with a sea of functionalities such as agricultural weather reports, personalized fertilization plans tailored to the location and crops, farm loan and insurance applications, and ImeceBazar to enable users to ask for and give offers for agricultural needs. While the combination of these various services in one mobile application would certainly help Turkish farmers to conduct their businesses smartly, ImeceMobil had trouble in making its users discover the features and effectively use the platform. The distance between the farmer population and digital technologies was the biggest challenge for the app.

Challenge #2: The lack of a genuine connection and communication with farmers to learn their needs and wants

Understanding the target audience profoundly lies at the heart of becoming a successful mobile app. New features, ingenious solutions, and convenient functionalities can work only when they are based on solid insights. This was an issue for ImeceMobil. They were looking for new ways to hear about the needs and wants of their users, in particular, and the farmer population, in general. They were in need of a method to pave the way for a dialogue between the brand and its target audience.

Challenge #3: Difficulty in introducing new/idle features to users

Consistent with the above-mentioned challenges, ImeceMobil was trying hard to introduce its features to the users. In the end, farmers would benefit from the app and keep visiting it day after day only when they take the core action and start trying these features. Engagement and retention were essential to create value. However, the common engagement tools such as the ones for sending push notifications or in-app messages that app owners turn to attract their target audience fail to create satisfying results. Thus, finding a way to improve feature adoption was a matter of priority for the ImeceMobil marketers. 

How did Storyly change the landscape for ImeceMobil?

The story format has been in use for years on social apps; and, hence, almost all mobile users regardless of their demographic segment are familiar with it. Storyly converted this format into a tool that app owners can use to communicate their services with users in their own app with their own content.

By using in-app stories, ImeceMobil not only created a new way of communication but also started to benefit from the wide range of features that Storyly provides. ImeceMobil leveraged these features to connect with their users, improve engagement and retention, and deliver the best app experience that users need. 

Solution #1: Educational stories

ImeceMobil constantly aims to educate farmers, guide them to the best agricultural practices and answer their questions. With its easy-to-consume form and full-screen experience, stories are the perfect fit for this aim. The ImeceMobil marketers prepared special informative story groups based on seasonal or regional changes. They compiled and communicated frequently asked questions through in-app stories.

The most remarkable result of these educational stories has been the decreased costs of the “Ask an Expert” feature of the app. In brief, ImeceMobil offers its users an option in the app to pose their questions directly to experts in the relevant field. They outsource the service and pay experts for the questions that they answer. Educational stories started to inform the farmers about the most common questions. Now, the users can find many answers without consulting an issue to an expert. Hence, the cost of the“Ask an Expert” feature has decreased.

Solution #2: Stories to announce new/hidden features and services

In addition to educating the farmers, ImeceMobil also provides special products such as agricultural insurances and loans as a single example among many. The app has features where farmers can calculate their income and expenses, keep an eye on stock markets, and track weather conditions. 

ImeceMobil is using stories to generate demand for these products and activate hidden features. They are benefiting from editable Storyly CTA buttons to encourage action and increase the number of in-app events. This method has been working for the app very well. For instance, in-app stories introducing income-expense calculation with CTAs increased the event rate of this feature by 45%. Also, CTAs reached a click-through rate of 38%.

Solution #3: Interactive stories to learn more about farmers’ opinions and experiences

Interactive components of Storyly such as polls, quizzes, and emoji bars are a practical and delightful way of collecting user feedback. Hence, ImeceMobil leveraged interactive stories to shape the app experience in a way that fits best to user needs. 

The results have been substantial. Storyly polls in ImeceMobil reached an average of 43% of responses with up to higher rates of 65%. These numbers were the first in their history. Also, ImeceMobil marketers used the interactive components to learn about how content users are with in-app stories. Within an educational story group, they asked their users, “Should we continue to provide this information?” On top of the high response rate, ImeceMobil got a 95% positive response rate showing that the users are very satisfied with the format.

Solution #4: Social share feature to grow and strengthen the community

The community feeling is an integral part of agriculture. ImeceMobil relies on this idea even with its name, considering that imece refers to the collective work mostly in agricultural or rural areas. Hence, carrying the roots of the farmer community was as important for ImeceMobil as bringing digital technologies to the field. 

At this point, Storyly’s shareable stories feature stepped in, which allows users to share in-app story content with their social network. This helps ImeceMobil to both attract new farmers to the app and create a community with increased retention rates and engagement.

All these perfectly fitting solutions by Storyly reflect on the experience of the ImeceMobil team with Storyly so far.

The farming sector is at the early ages of digitalization. Storyly has given us an innovative channel to reach out to farmers, to provide them with accurate and valuable information, interact with them, get feedback, and eventually build rapport. At the same time, thanks to these features that Storyly provided, we have decreased our costs related to communication, reach and visibility strategies.

Göker Kuzucu, Co-Founder, ImeceMobil

Check out ImeceMobil’s website and Play Store page to learn more about it. 

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