Effective Ways to Overcome Post-Holiday Sales Slump

The time between Black Friday and New Year’s spikes in holiday sales offers excellent deals to customers who are shopping like mad for their loved ones or perhaps for themselves. However, the sales are bound to decrease as soon as the holiday season ends. Mobile apps, especially e-commerce apps, struggle to keep the fire going into January in terms of conversion rates, in-app engagement rates, etc.


This is not the most wonderful time of the year for many businesses. In fact, it is the most unpleasant time of the year for many reasons. Is there a way to avoid a post-holiday slump? You probably will experience a slump. However, you will be able to recover from the slump more quickly with these tips.


–      Encourage New Customers to Come Back

Hopefully, you saw a big peak in in-app activity and in-app engagement during the biggest shopping season of the year. In order to bring users back to your app, you need to understand why they used your app and why they stopped using your app in the first place.


–      Encourage Impulse Purchases

According to a study made by Creditcards.com, 5 in 6 Americans admit to impulse buying. In a survey of US adults, 9 out of 10 millennials confess to impulsive spending. The numbers are even higher among the youngest millennials. Creating a powerful strategy to urge impulse in-app purchases could be a winning approach.


–      Deploy a Multi-Channel Approach

Reaching your target personas through multiple channels would be a wise decision to tackle a sales slump. You can deploy different platforms such as social media platforms, email, social ads, etc. The multichannel approach lets you stay in touch with your audience and encourage them to revisit your mobile app. It would be best if you do not forget to utilize social listening and monitor the social media channels, which effectively brought sales.


–      Amp Up Retargeting

You probably had a good amount of users in your mobile app during the holiday season. Running retargeting ads on various channels effectively increases brand awareness and bring those users back into your app. Amp up retargeting increases the chance of conversions. According to Spiralytics, visitors who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert.


–      Keep Up the Flow

After the holiday season, you might be exhausted, as well as customers. But the customers are still there and listening to you. Business must go on. So, brainstorm with your marketing team for creative ideas that you can keep your customers active. With Storyly, you can create interactive stories in your app and increase in-app engagement.


–      New Year New Customers

People believe in changes, transformations, and renewal with the new year coming. This is your chance to make a marketing move to gain new customers. It is a great opportunity, especially for the mobile apps providing productivity, enhancing health, facilitating cleanliness, promoting safety, any app which is a determination to be a better person.


The post-holiday season does not have to be a wasteland. These tips can help you to get through the decline soon after the holiday season ends. The best thing you can do is not disappearing after the holiday season ends. Focusing on both new customers and retargeting existing customers can help you to beat the post-holiday slump.


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