Complete List of 50+ Blogs and Free Resources for App Developers


Keeping up with the mobile development world is a must for an app developer. We collected more than 50 blogs and free resources in one place so that you can browse it and find the one that best suits your needs.

Mobile Dev Memo

Mobile Dev Memo collects great blog posts from the mobile app development and marketing industry. They also publish their own posts covering engagement topics. You can reach the newest posts, most popular, and original content on the front page. 

Complete list of 50+ Blogs and Free Resources for App Developers

Savvy Apps

In their words, Savvy is an award-winning creative agency that helps companies design, build, and grow across Android, iOS, and web. Their blog page combines topics from analyses, development, and design to startups and marketing.

Craig Hockenberry’s blog is one of the longest-running blogs on this list with his archive going back to 2007.



If you are looking for a blog to learn about mobile monetization, then Vungle fits perfectly. On the blog, you can find guides, whitepapers, thought leadership, news, and updates in the mobile app advertising world.  


Developer Economics

Developer Economics community tried to improve developers’ understanding of the current trends in their industry. In their words:

“We explore trends across different types of development, from hobby to professional and further, in mobile, industrial IoT & consumer electronics, apps for 3rd party platforms, desktop, cloud, web, AR/VR, Machine Learning, Data Science and Game Development. Among other aspects, Developer Economics tracks developer experience across platforms, languages, revenue models, verticals, tools, segments, and regions.”


The CommonsBlog

Mark Murphy is the founder of CommonsWare and author of a series of Android app development books. On this blog, you can find everything related to Android app development and updates.


Android Authority

Android Authority is a news blog for Android app reviews, the best Android apps, top Android lists for different categories, etc. It is also a great source of guides with its “How to” section. If you need device help, check Android Authority.



Rebecca Franks, an Android engineer with over seven years of experience in developing Android apps, runs Riggaroo. On the blog, you can find various content about different aspects of software engineering with a focus on Android.


Android Developers Blog

Android Developers Blog is the official Android platform blog providing the latest Android and Google Play news for app and game developers. It can become your go-to blog to check the Android announcements.



AppGeyser helps developers create Android apps with App Creator. Their blog covers app marketing, app monetization, app creation, app ideas, app publishing, etc.


Android Headlines

Android Headlines covers the latest news about Android apps, reviews, the best apps, and more. You can also find device news, technology news, and brand news. 


Get Android Stuff

On Get Android Stuff, you can find lists of the best Android apps and games, reviews, how-to tips, guides, and fixes for Android devices.



Androidwillo writes about Android Smartphones, reviews, and comparisons of Android phones and apps, and offers videos of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Android device.


Udacity, Developing Android Apps

Developing Android Apps is a free course that blends theory and practice to help you build great Android apps the right way. The course is designed for intermediate level developers and takes approximately 60 hours to complete.



Vogella is full of tutorials on beginner and advanced level Android development. Although the site doesn’t have any quizzes or exercises, tutorials include many screenshots and code snippets.



ProAndroidDev blog has many Google and Android contributors, and it is published on Medium. Contributors share their insights into the best tricks and tips of Android development. 



On Fragmented, you can listen to Android podcasts. Both beginner and advanced app developers can learn a lot on Fragmented. 


Developing Android Apps Reddit

Developing Android Apps is a highly active Reddit community in which you can find news for Android developers, informative articles, insightful talks and presentations, useful libraries, handy tools, and open source applications for studying.


Android Weekly

Android Weekly offers tips and tricks, news, and how-to tutorials on developing Android apps. You can also reach code snippets from GitHub on Android Weekly.


Android Police

Many experts from the mobile industry share their experiences, insights, tips, and tricks about Android app development on Android Police.

On the Objc blog, you can find different tutorials on iOS and macOS development. You can also find books on mobile app development.



AppAdvice provides content on best iOS apps, messages apps, and Apple TV and Watch apps. If you need information about the best iOS mobile products, you can check AppAdvice.


iOS Dev Weekly

 iOs Dev Weekly compiles the best iOS development links and publishes them every Friday. The compilation includes tutorials, resources, and reviews.


iOS Goodies

iOS Goodies is a weekly iOS newsletter that rounds up the best resources and articles related to iOS development and shares every week. Their focus is on business and UI/UX.



In their own words, “NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa. Updated weekly.” It also offers different language options: Chinese (Simplified), Korean, French, and Spanish. NSHipster also has published books on mobile development. 


Sensor Tower Blog

Sensor Tower Blog posts reports, practices for App Store Optimization (ASO), listings, and weekly dispatches on tracked apps. The blog is for any developer seeking to grow their user base and comprehend the mobile ecosystem. 


App Annie Blog

App Annie is one of the leading mobile market data providers. On its blog, they share insights about the mobile app world. App Annie also hosts webinars related to the mobile industry.


Apptentive Blog

Apptentive helps mobile businesses with customer experience/engagement software. On the blog, they share their experience in various domains, from app design to customer feedback.


Apptamin Blog

 Apptamin is a creative agency that produces mobile video ads and app store videos. Its blog is for mobile developers who are looking for ways to promote their apps.


Mobile Action Blog

 Mobile Action is an ASO and app marketing tool providing app market data. Mobile Action blog releases app analyses, reviews, ASO guides, case studies, etc.


Localytics Blog

Localytics is one of the leading mobile app engagement platforms. Their blog page consists of real-life examples of app marketing, analyses, mobile, and tech news.


AppSamurai Blog

App Samurai is a self-service mobile advertising tool for high-growth companies. AppSamurai blog gives insights about the mobile industry focusing on advertising, marketing, development, user engagement, success stories, and news.


Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for developers. Developers ask questions on the site, and other developers answer these questions. Good answers are voted up and the person who asks the question can mark any answer as “Accepted” to show that that answer worked for them. Stack Overflow is a great resource to find detailed answers to any question related to software.



DroidCruch provides a wide range of topics such as mobile devices, PCs, games, iOS, Android. It also has how-to articles for Android developers.


Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich’s blog compiles over 3000 high-quality online tutorials to help app developers learn iOS development. The blog contains written content, podcasts, videos, and other kinds of materials to guide developers. 


Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch is a web & mobile app development agency. On their blog, they offer app and web development and design tutorials, tips, and insights. You can find content on iOS, Android, full-stack web, Mac, design, leadership, front-end, back-end, and machine learning. 


Mobile App Daily

Mobile App Daily consists of mobile world updates, app reviews, interviews, top apps, and companies. They also give insights about app marketing, app design, and app development.


DZone Mobile

On DZone Mobile, you can find content covering various topics from AI, cloud, IoT, Java to web development. There are also useful topics such as introduction to Xamarin, Swift essentials for mobile app developers.


Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory is a mobile app, web, and software development company. Their blog focuses on updates, trends, tips and tricks, and how-tos of the mobile industry.



Dribble is a resource for discovering and connecting with designers and creative talent. You can hire, get hired, get inspired, and learn a lot about design.



Perfecto provides resources, papers and videos, events and webinars, customer stories, and blogs to help mobile developers achieve continuous quality through mobile testing, automation, etc.


Pixel Prospector

Pixel Prospector is a source of game assets. They publish game artwork and advise game developers. Currently, they are redesigning the site for the relaunch.



Soomla is a resource of data reports, tips, guidance, expert opinions, unbiased tool comparisons, industry news, and much more about the mobile world.



Pttrns. is a library of thousands of iOS (for iPhone, iPad, and Watch) and Android user interface patterns. You can use it as an inspiration for your own designs. 


Inspired UI

Inspired UI has design examples from activity feeds and calendars to navigation and settings special to Android apps.



Unsplash is a resource to reach free stock photos that you may want to use for your business.


App Developer Magazine

App Developer Magazine provides the latest news about mobile app planning and development, mobile app marketing and network, and other technologies that contribute to mobile app development. 



TechTarget Mobile Computing offers tips and tricks about app monetization and modernization, enterprise mobility and mobile app development, mobile networking, and more.


Usability Geek

Usability Geek provides insights into usability, user experience (UX), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), information architecture (IA), and other related topics.


Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine produces content for the design community in both web and mobile app development.  Topics include web design, app design,  user experience, user interface, etc.



Luke Wroblewski, a Product Director at Google,  shares his experiences and insights about mobile-first design and writes about usability, user experience,  design, and other related topics.



Entrepreneur carries news, latest updates, discussion topics, etc. from startup issues to mobile apps.



Chartboost is one of the biggest revenue platforms for mobile games. They have covered mobile game launches worldwide, and they hold questions and answers (Q&As) with the experts. If you are a mobile game developer, Chartboost should be one of your go-to sites. 



 AppInstitute blog consists of the latest trends in the mobile app industry, from building an app to marketing.


Game Analytics

Game Analytics provides analytics for game developers to understand player behavior and build better games. If you are focusing on mobile app game development, you will learn a lot from the Game Analytics blog.

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