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App and Mobile Industry and Technology

Education Apps Market Trends and Top Apps

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted 91% of the world’s student population. Not surprisingly, mobile education was affected. Discover the education app market trends and top apps with a focus on COVID-19’s effect.

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In App Engagement

Top 10 Push Notifications Tools

Apple’s App store push notification guideline starts with “Push Notifications must not be required for the app to function… “, yet they are so important that an opted in user makes the day. Discover which companies you can work with to get the full benefit from push notifications.

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In App Engagement

App Stickiness, How to Measure It?

What do you need to make your app memorable? What do you need to make it stick to users’ minds? How would you know you are doing it right? Let’s discover what app stickiness is and how you can measure it.

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User Experience

How to Ensure A Great UX Design?

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” Dr.Ralph Speth, CEO, Jaguar Land Rover. Discover how you can ensure a good UX design to avoid the cost of a bad one.

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In App Engagement

How to Boost User Engagement with GIFs?

Are GIFs just mystical, looping, video-photo hybrid languages? Absolutely not. They are the internet’s one of the most beloved image formats conveying many messages. See how you can use them in your app to boost user engagement.

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