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Storyly New Feature: How to Make Stories Sharable?

Letting your users share your content with external audiences is a great way to create virality regarding your content and, ultimately, your app. Discover how you can use stories to gain extra exposure and use them as an alternative user acquisition channel.

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App and Mobile Industry and Technology

Video is Growing – 23 Video Stats You Cannot Miss

The number of mobile video viewers is expected to grow to 2.72 billion in 2023. Understanding how video fits into our lives is more important than ever. Check out these video stats to fuel your video strategy.

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In App Engagement

Session Length As A User Engagement Metric

How do you quantify user engagement? Session length is a critical metric to be interpreted into user engagement. Discover more about how you can use session length as a user engagement metric.

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App and Mobile Industry and Technology

Interesting Stats For Your Live Streaming Strategy

The first live video footage took half the entire internet bandwidth at the time nearly three decades ago. But live streaming has come a long way since then. Let’s check out some stats showing how it grew and how we adapted to it.

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