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App and Mobile Industry and Technology

Shaping the Internet: History of the GIF, Vol I

Imagining the web without GIFs is almost as impossible as imaging a world without the web itself. Thanks to the GIFs, we convey our thoughts, comments, emotions to the point. Discover how the GIF gained its throne, even after a day dedicated to burn all GIFs.

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App and Mobile Industry and Technology

Vertical Videos: The Tall Perspective

Vertical video shooters are no longer holding their phones incorrectly. How did vertical video resistance decline? Set your aspect ratios, we are going on a journey to early 2010s. Learn and get inspired.

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In App Engagement

Avoiding “Skip”: How to Ask for Feedback

Your app is all about your users’ interests. How can you know what they’re interested in? The answer is in their feedback. Check out how you can reach to your users and collect valuable feedback to step up your app’s game for your users.

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User Experience

We are human: Cognitive Load/Overload

Although we succeed in accomplishing many complex tasks in the modern world, as humans, we have limited processing capacity and we sometimes overload. What does it mean to you as a product manager? Check out where cognitive science and user experience meet.

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