Storyly Affiliate Program​

Our world-first technology brings immersive and interactive in-app stories into your customers’ apps. Storyly offers an entirely fresh yet familiar experience to boost user engagement, retention, and app revenue! Integrate easily and push your customers’ apps to the next level.  

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The Benefits / Why Become a Storyly Affiliate?

Give your customers the most trendy feature ​

With Storyly, you can promote a popular product that can increase your customers income.

Enjoy profiting from your current traffic

In addition to providing superb services to your customers, you also profit from the current traffic.

Receive regular payments and transparent reports.

Your payments are made regularly and you receive transparent reporting. You can see your transparent reports.

How to become an affiliate partner?

Just leave us a few pieces of information. Afterwards, we will contact you quickly. After checking whether you are eligible for this affiliate program, our contracts will be signed quickly and you will be able to start promoting Storyly with superb stories.

How it works?

Attract potential customers

Register as a partner, pick appropriate promo materials from your Members Area and post them on your web asset. 

Clients start signing up

The customers, who landed through your link, sign up to Storyly.

Get your benefit and payment

You get commission for all transactions performed by your customers, with no restrictions to time.

Our Team

We’re owned by ‘App Samurai Inc. which is one of the leaders in the mobile-app industry. App Samurai Inc. was founded in 2016 and made a name for itself with great success in a short time. App Samurai is a mobile advertising tech and mobile intelligence company. We have offices in San Francisco-CA, London-UK, Ankara-TR, Istanbul-TR, Berlin-GE, İzmir-TR, and Barcelona-SP. We have 60+ people who are passionate about removing barriers to mobile advertising for high-growth companies. Moreover, we have Interceptd. Interceptd is a mobile ad fraud prevention tool which delivers the widest selection of fraud alarms based on deterministic and probabilistic data analysis. We continue to grow at a rapid pace with all our products and our reliable business understanding.