5 Ways To Increase Users Mobile App Spending

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One of the essential revenues of application publishers and developers is mobile application spending by their users. In this article, we’ll explore five ways your users can increase their mobile app spending.

Maximize LTV Of Your Users

Maximizing the LTV of your users will increase user application expenses. Let’s give you tips on how to maximize LTV.

1) Using Deep Connection; It allows you to direct your users to your application’s activity.

2) Offer a Great First Entry; Welcome your users with a simple and user-friendly interface that is not too overwhelming

3) Creating Word of mouth; You need to announce your application. There are many channels for this. Media such as press news and impressive landing pages can serve this purpose.

4) Improving Application Sharing; You should use social media effectively and encourage your users to recommend your app to their friends.

5) Using Push Notifications Wisely; Use push notifications wisely. Send messages relevant to your user.

Develop An App Monetization Strategy


When choosing how to monetize your app, you must develop a strategy and act according to that strategy. There are many different money making strategies to choose from. So you can be sure that your users continue to use the application. Known monetization strategies include:

1) In-app advertisements; a strategy for your users to make money by displaying ads on your app.

2) In-app purchases; many apps are free; additional features must be offered for purchase.

3) Freemium; The application is free for all users, but you have to pay to access more features that the application provides.

4) Paid applications; You must pay a fee to have the application.

5) Subscription; A one-time, monthly, or annual fee is charged to the user to use the application.

Develop your monetization strategy based on the function of your app. If you develop the right monetization model, you can ensure that your users spend money on your mobile app.

Increase In-App Ad Revenue


In-app advertising is also a very effective method to increase mobile application spending. Both games and non-game applications have very positive effects on the advertising network for users. Although games are more popular, it is a method that can be used in many applications.

Don’t Forget App Store Optimization


Optimize the app for Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Both are different platforms. Various elements may differ for Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you need to focus on the best result for both. You should individually optimize the icon, video, description, screenshots, and reviews. A successful App Store optimization will increase the number of downloads of your app. Therefore, users’ mobile application spending will also increase.

Customer Loyalty Programs for Retention

User retention is how many users return to your app during a given period. Applications that cannot hold the user will fail. Maintaining your users and developing customer loyalty programs is a significant factor for users to spend on your app. Retention can be calculated as follows; Divide the number of users returning to the app on a given day by the number of users who installed the app for the first time on the first day and multiply by 100. This gives you your retention rate as a percentage. With retention, you can increase application users, do not lose existing users, and enable them to spend mobile applications.

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