5 Mother's Day Marketing Ideas for Mobile Apps

5 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Mobile Apps

As a mobile app owner seeking to increase in-app engagement and grow loyal customers, Mother’s Day is that time of the year to look forward to. It is a time of the year when Americans are happy to spend their money on gifts for their mothers.

Last year, Americans spent $26.7 billion on Mother’s Day against $24.95 billion in 2019. Over the years, this figure has been on an increase and this year wouldn’t see the end of the trend.

May 9 is around the corner and it’s the time to show your customers that, like them, you care for mothers. So, in this article, we’ll show you seven Mother’s Day mobile marketing tips that will help you boost in-app engagement of your app.

1. Set Up a Mother’s Day In-App Gift Shop

Giving gifts is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to show someone that you love them. According to the Shelf, the top five gifts that people got for their mothers on Mother’s Day include Greeting Cards, Flowers, Special outings, Clothing, and Jewelry.

Now that you know this, the next thing is to launch a gift shop in your app where your users can shop for gifts for their mothers. While the shop should show the gift items available and their prices neatly, it can also show images of moms using some of the products in your store for more effect.

There are several ways to increase the engagement of your gift shop however, in-app live shopping is the most trendy way of doing. More information about in-app live shopping you can be found here.

2. Generate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We are different people with varying interests who love to do things differently every time. The gift you presented to your mom last year wouldn’t be the same you’ll want to give to her this year.

However, you’re almost constantly at a loss as to the kind of gift to get your mom this year that will suit her interest and be better loved than that of the previous year.

The solution is putting together an ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide that will assist your customers to find the kind of gift that suits their mom’s interest. Who doesn’t like recommendations?

3. Host a Mother’s Day Giveaway

One valuable Mother’s Day marketing tip to increase in-app engagement of your mobile app is to launch a giveaway on Mother’s Day. It’s the clearest way to show your users that you care about them and their moms.

You can take a cue from Mejuri and Summer Fridays. They teamed up on Mother’s Day to offer a $250 gift card plus the brand’s entire collection. As a user who joined their newsletter list, you stood a chance of winning the offer.

Mejuri Mother's Day Campaign

4. Build Engagement Via Social Media

Social media is most people’s home – including the users of your app. If you want to boost in-app engagement on Mother’s Day, then you may have to draw new users from social media.

Unleash your media arsenal – use engaging photos and videos, carousels, and creative written content – to showcase products and ideas that your customers will need in this period.

Moreover, we have great advice for animating your in-app content. With Storyly’s social media import feature, you can import your content from your social media accounts and publish them as stories. Sync your social media stories with your app to automatically update them. For more information, see here.

5. Offer the Opportunity to Personalize Products

Nothing beats a customized product for your mom. Just like you increase in-app engagement of your app by personalizing the user experience, the same way you can offer to personalize the items that make up your Mother’s Day marketing strategy.

If you’re selling products in your gift shop, you can offer a limited edition of the products that your customers can customize.

Because you’re offering a unique product to your users, they’ll grow a certain love for your brand that will boost their loyalty to it and increase brand awareness when they inform their friends about your offering.

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